Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is not a newly finished object, but I wore my summer shawlette for the first time today (at church) so when I got home I finally took some decent pictures of it.I got lots of compliments on it and think I'll actually wear it (unlike most of the sweaters I've made. I think I'm swearing off sweaters forever...)I have ALMOST finished my half-pi shawl. This is sad. Do you see how many stitches remain to be bound off?Only about 20 of almost 500 stitches on the finished edge. And I'm out of yarn. I already cut off the ends from my joins and used those scraps, which accounts for the last 40 or so bound-off stitches. So this will languish til I can find some yarn which is a close enough match to finish.I have some new yarn purchases though. After about a year-long yarn-diet, I finally broke down and bought some yarn in Paris. I went to the Droguerie near St. Eustache on Friday and finally had enough time to wait in the hour-long line to buy yarn. I got this bamboo and linen blend to make Clara (which I ordered online and will have to have my parents send to me from the US) for my new niece! I also bought a gift there for my dearest knitting friend in the US and it will be making its way to her soon....Then I went to the L'oisivethé today in the Butte aux Cailles and bought some more yarn for me. These will be shawls. It's hard to figure out what I want to make when all of my knitting books are in my parents' house across the ocean, but I guess I'll be poring over ravelry this week to get inspired!

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Jenny Hodgson said...

Love the first shawl and am hoping you get to finish the pi shawl! What yarn did you use? Is it handspun? You're inspiring me to drag out a faroese shawl I started this winter...have to admit I'm burned out a bit on knitting lately...yikes!