Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Crafting

Christmas dresses for the girls.
Pattern: Antonine by Citronille
Fabric: Frou-frou

Two tunics and obi belts I made for myself, and a decadent Christmas eve dessert.
Christmas hats: the Holiday Lights Tam which I started for myself about 6 years ago and which, when I finally finished it, came out far too small for my head, and a purple earflap cap for Maisie.
A Christmas present commission for my friend's husband.
Easy unisex cowl by Jenifer Rank
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay silk blend
Needles: 6

Friday, December 20, 2013

Moth Hole Repairs

I was devastated to find numerous large, gaping moth holes in my Celes shawl.  I didn't take pictures of the damage before I set about trying to repair it with some extra yarn, a tapestry needle, and zero know-how.  I really just faked my way through this, trying to secure the loose ends and simulate the eyelets of the lace as best as I could. 
Up close, my fixes aren't pretty to look at, but I have found when I wear the shawl I can't see them at all, it takes ages to even find the spots where the holes were.  I also reblocked my shawl when I was done fixing it, and it is almost as good as new....