Monday, April 4, 2011

fo: Half-Pi Shawl

Yarn: Classic Elite Fresco, 4 skeins
Needles: size 10

There was something funky with one of my skeins of yarn. The angora content seemed to be missing and the color seemed darker. It makes a marked strip along the bottom part of the shawl. I almost tore the whole thing apart because of this. But I was convinced by my knitting group that this stripe looks cool, so I kept it.

I'm not actually as unhappy about it as I look in these photos. I can't quite tell if I like the shawl or not. As usual, it doesn't measure up to the garment which inspired me to knit it--my friend Jenny's version of this shawl (she was wearing it the first time I met her after not seeing her in about 10 years, and in fact it's what made me want to start knitting again after a hiatus of about the same amount of time....) Anyway, it's done, and since spring is sprung in Paris I guess I'll have to wait til fall to see if I wear it.

Here's my current wip, inspired by French Press Knit's blog post about this pattern named Clara....I had to order this kit on the internet from an American shop and my dad scanned and emailed me the pattern, and I bought yarn (a bamboo/linen blend) from the Droguerie here in Paris. Started just about 1 week ago.

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Jenny Hodgson said...

Aw...I can't believe that shawl was what made you want to start knitting again : ) Didn't we meet up at Southern Sun? What's your new knitting group like? Your version of the shawl looks beautiful...I couldn't really tell there's a different color stripe until you mentioned it...I think it actually adds something to the garment : ) Are you crazy about any shawl patterns lately? I'm wanting to make one...something summery...looking for ideas...perhaps a knitalong? Miss you!