Friday, March 18, 2011

fo: Cobwebby Shawl

After knitting a worsted weight version of Ishbel, I decided I wanted to make a lace-weight one, too. This shawl has been a long time in the making--I bought the yarn about a year and a half ago, I believe. I cast off about a month ago, and finally got around to blocking it last week. I didn't do the greatest job of blocking (since I only have two towels here in Paris, I had to make do with one and when I wasn't able to pin the ends of the shawl, I just let them hang.) I'm a little disappointed in my blocking job. The stitches aren't nearly as even as I'd like and there are some flaws (caused by I don't know what) that are still super obvious to me.Yarn: Fiesta ballerina (alpaca and tencel), 1 skein (925 yards) with some left.
Needles: 6 (I think, anyway. I have the worst time remembering what needles I used only a matter of minutes after finishing projects.)

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Jenny Hodgson said...

So beautiful...super inspiring! I can totally see you wearing this somewhere on your paris blog : )