Saturday, July 18, 2009

fo: molly monkey

I saw this cute monkey on knitterella's blog and followed the link to get the pattern to make my own! I modified it just a little bit: left off the hair, the beret, the decorations on the shoes, and the sleeves. I'm happy with how she came out and may make another one soon...maybe a boy monkey.


The Song-Knitter said...

This is freakin' adorable! I might have to copy you yet again. OK, seriously, let's do a knitalong...what do you want to work on? I'm thinking a shawl maybe...or some more socks...I really like the "Monkey Socks".


The Song-Knitter said...

How about "Clapotis" from Knitty? I already have the yarn wound into balls which is good cause I still can't find my ball winder. I've been wanting to knit it forever!

The Song-Knitter said...

The pie turned out fact I just had some for breakfast : )