Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a productive weekend I've had! Here's what I accomplished:
Quilted: 1 baby quilt (now I just need to make/sew on the binding)
Fixed: squeaky sewing machine
Found: lost knitting project (my Snicket socks...they're at a theater in Denver and will be mailed back to me Monday, hooray!)
Cleaned: kitchen floor & bedroom carpet
Cooked: oven French toast for Sunday morning, risotto for dinner
Swam: 1300 yards
Spun: a little bit of yarn
Teased and carded for spinning: about half my wool
Here's a picture of this week's spinning wheel:Isn't it sweet-looking? And here's a look at my yarn. It certainly looks homespun...but it's yarn, after all:

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whitneypenn said...

thats so cool! I'd love to learn how to spin! I really think it'd would be so cool to know something like that and be that self-sufficient. You'd definitely be the best-dressed one in the event of global catastrophe. And you'd never be bored either.