Saturday, November 22, 2008

The agony of grafting

I finished this painstaking process several weeks ago (it took me at least 6 hours, I would bet) but I just haven't had a moment to post since then, nor have I sewed up the shrug now that the hard part is over. But I'm on break all week, so hopefully I will get to lots of crafty things (in between writing a lot of papers.)

I had to add a couple of inches of ribbing onto the cast-on edge of this shrug, and after much searching online, I finally found the following instructions on this website: It was a total lifesaver. It didn't work perfectly for me, because unfortunately I didn't use a provisional cast-on; the results are quite obviously far from perfect. But it's good enough for beats ripping out and starting the whole thing over from scratch.

And now...please ignore the messiness of my room in the following photo and just appreciate the cuteness of clementine...

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