Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Here are my current WIP's. None of them are very much fun. I have been wanting to start the airy wraparound from Fitted Knits for a while, but I'm not happy with this yarn. It's too fuzzy for my liking; I don't know if I'll continue or not. The lace scarf is "branching out" from Knitty and I had planned on making it with a heavier-weight yarn; somehow I ended up coming home from the yarn store with this (Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace in Forget Me Not). It's a very slow knit; I may drop this one too when I'm back home and have more yarn at my disposal. Finally, there's the 2nd sock for Will, which I'm hoping to crank out in a day or so.

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The Song-Knitter said...

The sock looks awesome! He'll be so happy to receive it! And I love your lace projects too...I think the "branching out" scarf looks gorgeous and delicate in the lighter yarn! Thank you for your comments on the "serendipity sweater"...it would seem that you're the only person who reads my blog so far...so really, I'm just sharing stuff for you to read : )