Sunday, June 22, 2008

a very dignified greeting

...from my graceful feline friend Sophie. This was not an action shot, mind you....she was listlessly sprawled in this position for about 15 minutes. I can't really blame her, though. I've been lounging around in much the same fashion for a good deal of this hot and relatively muggy weekend.


Arch & Carol said...

Dear Katie, i am loving keeping up with you via your delightful blog entries. I adore all the photos; your cat, your culinary feats, and especially your knitting projects.
You are so accomplished! i can't wait til you open a knitting shop in charleston!!!
love carol I can't find your email address. will you send it to me?
my new email is:

lisa said...

hi, katie, i love reading your blog;i have finished exactly 1 (one) sweater in my entire life and that was the requisite sweater for 2 yr. old maggie, accomplished only with the great assistance from my jogging buddy,paula. I babysat for her kids while she ran and then she would fix my knitting mistakes! I am very impressed with your skills! A knitting shop opened recently in salem by an acquaintance so i've bought some yarn and am attempting a shawl... more later. Happy 4th!!! p.s. my cat has a very similar pose! love, lisa