Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Stitches

I haven't been keeping up with posting all of my finished objects this summer, so I'm going to do it in one fell swoop here.

First, on the knitting front: I finished my Pas de Valse cardigan.  It needs to be blocked in order to be long and loose and drapey enough on me, but here is my sister modeling it:

Then there is Eloise's cardigan:
I decided to sew myself some drapey, cowl neck jersey tees and tunics, based on a Gap t-shirt that I love. These versions were inspired by the gap shirt but also informed by the tutorial at one Avian Daemon.

None of them fit exactly as I had hoped, but I think they'll all be wearable.

In addition, I've been wanting to make a 3rd spring ruffle top by Rae since I made the first ones three years ago.  

 Then, there's a little project for my nieces, an adorable bunny rabbit made from a kit from Posy. 
And finally, Michele and I made this cake of le petit prince for my dad's birthday.

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