Monday, January 2, 2012

Shawl in progress

I started this shawl, Celes, on the plane from Boston to Paris in late October. Over two months and 3 trans-Atlantic flights later, I'm still far from finished. While home over the Christmas holiday I finished both halves of the center panel of the shawl and grafted them together, then began knitting the edging stitching.
This edging is going to be interminable. I figured out I need about 90 repeats of a 12-row pattern which takes me about 10 minutes. That's 900 minutes or 15 hours. Anyway, I had 10 repeats done when I left Boston. I only did 4 repeats on the 7 hour flight. Here's a picture when I had completed two repeats.
In other craftiness, here are the stockings I made for my nieces:
And here are all the Christmas treats I made:

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