Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer Shawl Knitting

This has been the summer of the shawl. I started two: Anthemion, pictured above in progress, which I have since abandoned but not yet frogged (I like the pattern but don't care for how it looks with this yarn) and Clapotis, which I was knitting in a gorgeous emerald green silk/bamboo/rayon yarn from La Droguerie which they seem to have discontinued now, and which I lost before I could finish or document. I spent months on these two failed projects. Then I knit up a speedy little version of Abyssal (finished in a couple weeks, thank goodness, but no picture yet.) Then, since the Clapotis was to be a belated birthday present for my roommate, and I was too discouraged to reknit it and plus I couldn't picture it in any other yarn than that which I had already used and which I could no longer buy, I started another shawl for her, this time the Triinu, seen below, which I had already started in the spring in a sock yarn and again, liked the pattern but hated how it looked with the yarn. But it looks pretty good in this Malabrigo lace:
And finally, tiring of plowing through Triinu (I'm a little over halfway there) yesterday I started a scarf for a certain gentleman who is wary of, if not downright frightened by, my knitting habit but, being French, will not refuse an opportunity to wear a scarf around his neck. (Actually, he rarely wears a scarf, which is odd because he is French AND a singer. So that's doubly anomalous. But he did request a scarf, for some mysterious reason.)

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