Thursday, December 30, 2010

new baby quilt top

After finishing Myya's baby blanket, I was still feeling inspired by all the pink and green fabrics, so I started to make a quilt top.Since I had a piece of eleven strips of fabric sewn together leftover, I decided to try some strip-piece quilting. (It was kind of like this only shorter, only 12" high.) I deconstructed this into six pieces of two fabric strips sewn together (I had to add one more strip.) Each piece was about 8" wide (my original fabric strips were 4" wide) and 12" long.I chopped each piece into 3 so they were 4" wide. That left me with 12 sets of 3 rectangles of paired fabrics.I matched them up in 4-patch squares and sewed them into blocks. Then I cut 6 strips of white sashing, 8" long by 3.5" wide, to go in between the blocks in columns. After sewing my 3 columns of blocks, I cut 4 strips of sashing 3.5" wide by 28" long, and then 2 strips for the ends, 3.5" wide by 34" long.

A funny thing, as I sewed the pieces into columns and then the columns into the square quilt top, some of the blocks migrated--they got turned upside down and even moved out of their original place. So in the finished product, the very bright pink squares are not distributed throughout the quilt as much as I would like. It looks very lopsided to me. Ah well.

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Jenny Hodgson said...

So pretty! You are inspiring me to try a quilt...we just found an awesome steamer trunk on craigslist and I want to fill it with all manner of fun lap quilts and knitted afghans : ) Gonna start "Wool Leaves" by Brooklyn Tweed and maybe a simple quilt from "Handmade Home" to start...I love checking in on you in blogland!