Sunday, August 15, 2010

fo: patchworky baby quilt

So I finally finished up this quilt! I made the quilt top back in June and it's been languishing for months. Honestly, I did not feel up to quilting it at all...but I finally got it done--no real choice about it, as I was planning to see the intended recipients on my last trip to Boston. I actually showed up to their home with it incomplete--had to finish hand-sewing the binding while we visited. But they didn't mind.

Pattern: None, just cut a bunch of 5" squares to go with some scraps of that size that I already had in my scrap basked. 24 colored, 25 white. The backing is a single piece of the print that is a lime green background with blue and white pinwheels on them (the square on the far right of the 3rd row up from the bottom.)
Finished size: approximately 33" square

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