Wednesday, July 28, 2010

making charts

I started a new summer shawl just before I left on my trip to CO two weeks ago. Despite being a fairly simple project, the lack of a chart was driving me nuts. So I decided to chart the lace pattern. I wrote it up on graph paper as I was knitting along, and today I transferred it to my computer. It was kind of a huge project! I need to figure out how to save it as a pdf, and when I do, I'll post it here.
The shawl is coming along rather slowly. I had a pretty major false start. My yarn (malabrigo sock yarn) is finer than the yarn called for, so I knitted a swatch on 9's instead of 10's and liked how it looked--in stockinette, that is. It was slightly under gauge, but I figure I could just knit more rows and increases. But as the lace pattern progressed, it looked TOO open to me. So I ripped out (about 25 rows in, which was sort of a lot) and switched to no 7's. Now I'm happy with how it looks, but it's coming kind of slowly. Here she is:
Inspired by my friend Jenny, I've decided to finish up the old project on my loom (coasters) and start something new. I spent about an hour weaving tonight and finished 2 coasters. Hopefully just one or two more and then I'm done! Pictures of that (perhaps!) next time.

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