Friday, May 28, 2010


My poor sublime dk yarn has been frogged so many times. First there was the circular shrug disaster that I tried to salvage and ultimately ripped out in frustration. Then I started my slinky ribs sweater with it (knowing I'd need to purchase a couple more balls of yarn.) I cast on for the medium size, but it was looking so darn tiny with the beginning ribbed section that I switched to the size large quite early on. Tuesday evening I cast off on the bottom edge, and tried it on, to discover that it was quite huge on me. (Truth be told, I wasn't too surprised.) This is what it looked like:I couldn't stand the gaping around the middle stockinette portion, and the ribbing really needs to be stretched out to look good. So I ripped it back almost to the beginning and am re-knitting it in a size medium. I am pretty sure this is going to be a good fit, though. And this second time through it's going much faster. I think I'll be knitting the sleeves on by the end of this long weekend.

I've made a couple modifications this time around, too. I decided to raise the neckline, so I began neckline decreases at the same time that I started armhole decreases. Then, I knit for several inches longer before joining the fronts, so my neck opening that will have buttons is almost 6 inches deep, instead of 3.5. And, I continued the ribbing for a longer stretch than the pattern calls for. (On the first version, the ribbing stopped just below the bust and it was not flattering.) I'm also going to add a couple inches in length, I think.

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Jenny Hodgson said...

I remember that yarn!! : ) It is the perfect color for you...really brings out your eyes...can't wait to see how the sweater turns out...that is my favorite design from her book...also can't wait for your visit...wait till you see the garden! I will make you a fresh salad. Tom fixed up our bikes today and we rode around the Lyons Studio was such a fun day...we've met some really cool Lyonsites lately. Miss you!