Monday, January 11, 2010

current wips

After finishing my few Christmas gifts (a hat made of my own home-spun yarn for my dad, and a very simple shawl for my mom) I started this very skinny cabled scarf for myself. I'm not following a pattern, just winging it, and I think it's probably too skinny, so it will have to be very long, which means I'm only about half done. The yarn is lovely, though, merino and alpaca with a touch of angora.

Then, I'm working on Ishbel, though I'm probably going to rip it out as the yarn (knitpicks shimmer, turqoise splendor) is just too crazy for it, I think.
And here's the first skeins of yarn spun on my own wheel--very homespun looking, but pretty.Which means I've been able to start spinning the wool my aunt and uncle sent me. Pictures of that in progress next time--for now, here's a picture of it keeping Clementine warm.

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Arch & Carol said...

Hi Katie!
Love the pictures of your current wip's. Clementine looks adorable in her nest of Romney wool. Love c
I would love to see you at work on your spinning wheel....