Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I made this guy yesterday morning in about an hour. This is my first attempt to make a stuffed animal without a pattern. He was inspired by a dress that my niece wore on thanksgiving that had little owls all over it, and to be honest, he's nowhere near as cute as he was in my mind (or as cute as the dress.) I wonder if he would be cuter if he were smaller? Or in pink and green? Nevertheless, here he is.

Knittingwise, I had a productive day. My serendipitous sweater is coming along. A couple days ago I sewed the back and fronts together, having completed one arm which seemed way too long. Before sewing the arm in to see, though, I tried on the vest and found it too small. So today I reknit both fronts, adding a couple inches width to each, and adding about an inch in length to them and to the back. Tomorrow I'll seam them up, and if they seem to be ok, will knit the other sleeve and hopefully finish that sucker up! I'm eager to start a new shawl, Ishbel (so I can be like every other knitter on the planet) and I'm also trying to decide between several sweaters by Wendy Bernhard (aka Knit & Tonic)....I love all of her patterns!

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The Song-Knitter said...

Seriously?! You just made that up? OK, now you need to start posting patterns ; ) Any luck with the Ishbel yarn? I think I've got something...