Saturday, May 2, 2009

dye day

Today was dye day for my spinning class. I took my pathetic-looking, bumpy little mini-skeins of yarn to class and we used 3 different mordants and 4 natural dyes to get 12 different shades of yarn. They are rather muted-looking, but kind of cool. They go together nicely, so I think I will probably try to knit something in fair isle out of a bunch of them (the skeins are way too small to do anything in a single color.) I think, if I continue spinning, I will probably experiment with synthetic dyes rather than natural ones, just because I tend to like brighter colors. Here are two of my undyed is a single and one is a plyed yarn.The single is my most recent work so it's slightly more even and less bumpy than all the rest.

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