Sunday, December 7, 2008

an evil day in knittingland

February lady is done but, alas, when I tried blocking her she grew to enormous proportions. I could kick myself for not blocking a swatch. Here she is, drying, but I am feeling quite hopeless about the prospects that I can wear this. And I don't really have any friends who are bigger than I am. Has anyone ever tried shrinking superwash wool/bamboo in the dryer?

In my rage, I was unable to do any work yesterday, but I did decide to channel my frustration into frogging my previous failure, the circular shrug. Here's the recovered yarn in its kinky, not-so-appealing state.

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beki said...

Eek! I've washed and dried the superwash wool, and it didn't shrink a bit. Yesterday my FL fell off the needles - I almost had a breakdown. I managed to save it.